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About me

Elena Raceala

Constanta, Romania

E-mail: raceala72@yahoo.com






Elena Raceala lives in Constanta and is currently a nurse at the Constanta County and Emergency Clinical Hospital.

Her passion is photography. She started as a self-taught person and then followed a series of online workshops and courses. In 2019 she attends the courses of the School of Photographic Art at the Cultural Center "Teodor Th.Burada" Constanta. “I love to travel and take pictures, to document every place I go through. I could say that I can't visit a place unless I can take pictures. “ she says. For her, photography is emotion.

She can't say exactly how and when the click happened, but on one of her trips to Italy in 2013, on a rainy morning, she took the first photo to which she is very attached. From that moment on a part of her lives through photography. "I want to convey through my images the emotion of discovering the perspective of a moment, of a story without words." says Elena. Life inspires her with either joys or difficult moments and sometimes her compositions resemble the human condition in which light and darkness dwell together. She likes to look for new places that will surprise her, but she is looking for the human presence, the usual moments, from everyday life, moments that she then exposes in a black and white vision. Each moment is unique, and she chooses those who speak to her, translating them into images. What she wants is for the emotion she felt when she took the photo to reach the viewer.

Education School of Photographic Art: Cultural Center "Teodor Th. Burada" Constanta, Professor Iulia Pana – 2019. "Seeing Through Photograph" with Curator Sarah Meister /online course authorized by The Museum of Modern Art.

January 2020, Curator  at 100ASA - curated photo gallery.

August 2022, Editorial Manager  at 100ASA - curated photo gallery.

In 2021 was accepted as an artist at online galleries : Artfinder, Artsper, The Artling.


•2 Honorable Mention at Prix de la Photographie Paris 2022 /Street Photography series and Fine Art •4 Nominees at 8th Fine Art Photography Awards/ 2022 • Bronze at Tokyo International Foto Awards 2021 •2 Honorable Mention at ND Photography Awards 2021 •Honorable Mention at Minimalist Photography Awards 2021 /Street •11 Nominees at 7th Fine Art Photography Awards 2021 • Honorable Mention at Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020/Fine Art • Honorable Mention at Budapest International Foto Awards 2020 /People - Life Style (Series) • Silver Medal at Montenegro 2020/ Nude • Honorable Mention Macedonia Circuit 2020 - Salon Perasto/ Elma/ Open Monochrome • First Prize: Art Limited Awards 2019 / Sport •Finalist Black and White Photo Contest / Travel, One Eyeland Photography 2019 • Finalist 500px Contest: “What Lies Beneath” 2019 • 4th Fine Art Photography Awards / Nominee in Photojournalism 2018 • Finalist Photographer of the Year Romania 2018/ Street • Finalist Black and white Photo Contest / Advertising, One Eyeland Photography 2017

Personal exhibitions

The "Tomorrow is another day" collection under the auspices of the Fine Art Vision 20/21 event held at the Romanian Gallery in Bucharest between November 1-13, 2021. - October 2020 - "Inside - outside shadows", Constanta FotoFest, Romania - March 2020 - "Fraction of light", Art Museum of Constanța, Romania.